Two Become

As two become one,

A husband and a wife.

Two doves also begin,

Their new journey in life.

Soaring high above,

Accompanied by friends.

Like this husband and wife,

United till the end.

So let’s congratulate this couple,

And shower them with love.

And look high into the sky,

And watch the white doves.

Side by

A flock of white doves,

Flies into the sky.

As a now married couple,

Stands watching side by side.

These doves join for life,

And are true to each other.

Never forsaken the love,

That they share for one another

So let’s wish them well,

As the birds leave our sight.

And bless this couple,

On their newly traveled flight.

Two Hearts

They circle above,

So pure and so white.

To help celebrate,

This journey called life.

For a marriage is like,

The doves that you see.

Soaring together,

Ever so happily.

Just as these doves,

Fly high towards the sun.

For this couple on Earth,

Two hearts are now one.


Doves are a symbol,

Of what life should be.

Two hearts becoming one,

While staying true is the key.

Just as these,

Two individual doves have done.

They’ve formed a bond,

That’s second to none.

So as these doves fly high,

As a husband and a wife.

Let’s wish our new couple well

With their new married life.


Doves are distinctive,

They forever stay together.

And always remain faithful,

No matter how rough the weather.

Marriage is a journey,

That must come from the heart.

So let’s wish them prosperity,

Till death do they part.